Leaving Japan

1.  Contact Information After Resignation

Please fill out the "Contact Information after Resignation" sheet (leave any parts you are not sure blank) and submit it to the Personnel Department at least one month in advance.

2.  File change of postal address notices

We will file a change of address with the post office in order to make your postal mails to be delivered to your new address. If you move out of Japan, IPMU will receive your future postal mail on your behalf and forward them to you for one year.  If you move within Japan, you should also notify your bank, credit card companies, internet provider, and any other vendors of the change.

3.  File a moving-out notification

You need to file a moving-out notification (転出届 tenshutsu todoke) with city hall or your ward office you have been registered in order to terminate your residency from the city.  Otherwise you will be charged local tax even after you leave Japan.