Bank Account

Bank Account

You are required to open a bank account in Japan.  To open your bank account, you need to bring your official IDs (Resident Registration, Resident Card, Passport, etc.) and Hanko (bank seal) to a bank counter.  The hanko is more common and less trouble than signatures for official documentation, making contracts, and opening a bank account in Japan.  We urge you to make one.  We will help you order a Hanko and open your bank account.

There are many banks in Japan.  In order to decide which bank is most advantageous for you, please refer to the features of three banks that are popular among non-Japanese researchers at Kavli IPMU.  (* As of December 2012)


Name of Bank

SMBC Trust Bank (Ex-Citibank)



Nearest from campus

Ginza Branch (Tokyo) 1 min.walkfrom Ginza station

Kashiwa Branch

1 min.walk from JR Kashiwa Eastexit

Kashiwa Barnch

1 min.walk from JR Kashiwa Eastexit

Branch Hours

Weekdays 9am-7pm

Weekdays 9am-3pm

Weekdays 9am-5pm

Internet Banking


In Japanese only


On campus ATM




ATM Open Hours

24Hrs 365days

Weekdays 8-21:00

Weekends 9-17:00

 ATMs in convenience stores such as Seven-Eleven, LAWSON, FamilyMart are 24/365day.  Other partnership ATMs are available most of the day.  For details, please refer:

Withdrawal fee from own ATMs


Free 8:45-18:00 in weekdays,105yen for other.


Withdrawal fee from other ATMs

Null to 315yen depends on timeand condition

105yen to 210yen depends on timeand day


Account Maint. Fee




Withdrawal  overseas


N/A but applicable if with VISAor Master function

Applicable at ATM with Plus sign

Overseas Remittance

Applicable by Internet Banking

Applicable but needs to completepre-registration.  Also applicable atbranches

Applicable but needs to completepre-registration of “GoRemit” service.

Other Services


Possible to apply dual functionwith Credit Card

Free withdrawal services frommost ATMs in Japan.

For greater details, please refer the web sites below:


SMBC Trust Bank

Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank (SMBC)

Shinsei Bank


Overseas remittance

When you transfer money overseas, you will be charged quite a lot of bank charges like FX charge, remittance charge, intermediary bank charge, receiving fee, and lifting charge.  If you have a bank account at Shinsei, it’s a reasonable options to apply the “Go Remit” service which costs you 2,000yen per transfer overseas.  For greater details, please refer the site below.