IPMU was given the highest grade (S=superior) in the WPI interim review

IPMU has been through an interim evaluation by the MEXT this year. it is a part of the process in the WPI program that supports six research centers in Japan including IPMU, given that four years have passed since the launch of the initially selected five research centers. The result of the interim evaluation was announced on December 14, 2011, and IPMU was given the highest grade "S" (superior). The report comments on the achievements of IPMU:

We all highly evaluate IPMU's past 4 years of activities and scientific achievements. During a short period,IPMU has established itself as a world-renown institute from scratch.
IPMU has demonstrated outstanding progress toward achieving the goals of the WPI program in all areas –– quality of science, globalization, interdisciplinary approach, and organizational reform.
The leadership of Professor Murayama is highly appreciated.

Director Hitoshi Murayama was exited to see this result.  

"I'm so happy to receive the highest grade after the rigorous review process from the summer to the fall this year. It is a very ambitious goal for young WPI centers to attain a high visibility in the world comparable to world-leading research centers with long traditions. We have focused intensively on building an attractive and exciting research institute that pays a lot of attention to accommodate researchers comfortably, especially those from other countries. This strategy seemed to have paid off handsomely. This would not have been possible without a strong support from the University, competent administrative staffs, and from the public at large. We have been ramping up several big projects that are coming to the phase of producing data and science. The next five years are when we have to work hard to truly shine."

Hearing this result, the director Sadanori Okamura of TODIAS that houses IPMU remarked,  

"I supported the launch of IPMU in the capacity of Executive Vice President for Research at that time. I was amazed how IPMU, that was launched from scratch, immediately attracted excellent research staff including many non-Japanese, made interdisciplinary research possible, and produced significant research results so quickly. I currently support IPMU in a different capacity as the director of TODIAS. I'm very happy to be in this position so that I can bring this great news to President Hamada. IPMU truly deserves the "S" grade given the incredible effort Hitoshi and others are putting into it to make it a real success. The biggest issue for the future is to secure tenured positions as the report points out. I will work closely with the University administration to bring this goal in sight as soon as possible."

The interim evaluation report from the MEXT is available here.