Nov.19, Special Public Lecture by Nobel Laureate Dr. Brian Schmidt 

In November 19 2012,  Three research center, including Kavli IPMU, in the University of Tokyo honoured to have 2011 Novel Prize winner in Physics, Dr. Braian Schmmidt deliver a special public lecture. 

Special Public Lecture by
2011 Novel Prize Laureate, Dr. Brian P. Schmidt
"The Accelerating Universe"

In 1998, two teams traced back the expansion of the universe over billions of years and discovered that it was accelerating, a startling discovery that suggests that more than 70% of cosmos is contained in a previously unknown form of matter, called Dark Energy.
The 2011 Nobel Laureate for Physics, Dr. Brian Shumidt, leader of the High-Redshift Supernova Search Team, will describe this discovery and explain how astronomers have used observations to trace our universe's history back more than 13 billion years, leading them to ponder the ultimate fate of the cosmos.



Title:The Accelerating Universe


Speaker: Dr. Brian P. Schmidt  ( 2011 Novel Prize Laureate in Physics)
                 / The Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysic, The Australian National Universityesearch Sch

Date & Time:Monday, November 19, 2012  18:00-19:00 (open at 17:30)

VenueYasuda Auditorium, Hongo campus, The University of Tokyo Yasuda Hall
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Admission: Free

Seat: 1100 ( on a first-come first-served basis)

Language: English

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