2014 Hermann Weyl Prize to Yuji Tachikawa

Yuji Tachikawa, Associate Professor at The University Of TokyoYuji Tachikawa, Associate Professor at The University Of Tokyo

Yuji Tachikawa, an associate professor at The University of Tokyo and affiliate member at Kavli IPMU to be awarded Hermann Weyl Prize 2014.

The purpose of the Hermann Weyl Prize (established in 2000) is to provide recognition for young scientists who have performed original, significant work in furthering the understanding of physics through symmetries. The candidate should either be under thirty-five years of age, or within five years of having received the doctoral degree. Past awardees include Professor Edward Frenkel of UC Berkeley.

Tachikawa is the first Japanese awardee. The Prize is awarded to him for outstanding contributions to the understanding of supersymmetric quantum field theories; in particular, the discovery of the Alday-Gaiotto-Tachikawa correspondence that has led to spectacular advances in both mathematics and quantum physics. He was overjoyed to hear the news, saying "I'll keep doing my best in the name of Weyl."

Hitoshi Murayama, the director of Kavli IPMU commented, "Yuji is a rising star at our Institute. He has unraveled many secrets of the Universe by combining deep intuition into the physical world and sophisticated knowledge of forefront mathematics. In addition to the Alday-Gaiotto-Tachikawa correspondence, he has made numerous profound discoveries in quantum field theory that combines Einstein’s relativity and quantum physics. This prize is also a testament that the basic science without apparent applications truly moves the human race forward."

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