Science and Everyday Life - Series vol.05 "Order"

Open call for art/science exhibition participants

This exhibition is open for everyone in Kavli IPMU. Please put images of any "Order" which you find at your research work and/or private life, at the open exhibition by yourelf. Once they are all exhibited together, it will be a wonderful opportunity for all of us to explore unexpected connections between them.

Does "Order" ring your bell? Browse your archive of images and look for anything that triggers your inspiration.

  • a state in which all components or elements are arranged logically, comprehensibly, or naturally
  • an arrangement or disposition of things in succession; sequence
  • an established or customary method or state, esp of society
  • a class, rank, or hierarchy


  • Step 1. Look for into your dormant images for
  • Step 2. Print it out with A3 paper by printers around you.
  • Step 3. Bring it to the exhibition place.
  • Step 4. For each image, fill out the information slip and staple it.
  • Step 5. Put it on the wall with tape at anytime during the exhibition period.


This round's theme is *ORDER*. Please pick any your "Order" that triggered your thought somehow. You know we all have tons of images in our cell phone, PC or camera. Don't you think they are waiting to be exposed?
Especially we encourage researchers to submit images not only from private life but also from your RESEARCH ACTIVITIES. When all of submissions are put together, the handsomely chaotic view will appear and it is one of the significance of this exhibition. So please submit any!

Important date / things

THEME: Order
DATE: May 12 - June 5, 2015
PLACE: Kavli IPMU Bldng. 3F Piazza Fujiwara
PARTY:  May 29, 18:00-21:00 @3F Piazza Fujiwara


  • Put images up by yourself through the exhibition period, or send the images to
  • ANY images (graphs, computer generated images, drawings, photographs...) are welcomed.
  • Images both from your Research Work and from Private Life is welcomed.
  • Each image must have a prescribed information slip, available at the exhibition place.
  • Use usual A3 paper for printout.
  • Multiple submission is welcomed.
  • Submission of other formats (moving images or sounds..) is possible. Contact us!



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