An artist is joining Kavli IPMU for a month

A painter Yasuo NOMURA, has a particular interest in mathematics and theoretical physics. He will stay at Room 301, Kashiwa Research Complex 2 from Aug 17th to Sep 11th. His exhibitions are scheduled to be held at a gallery, HAGISO in Nippori and our open campus at the end of this October. It's so called Artist in Residence (AIR) program.

He will attend teatime and seminars. Also, he will be welcoming your visiting to his space, where he makes his new paintings. Furthermore, we are planning to organize several events like a welcome party with his presenting his works and workshops of his helping you bringing your images in your mind into figures, somehow.

This program has a number of purposes. For researchers, the artist's art could be useful for your research activities somehow or the artist might help to bring together researchers in a unique way. On the other hand, the artist tries to unite some parts of Kavli IPMU's Science in his own way and bring them into forms. Finally, general public can get the thin edge of the wedge of Kavli IPMU's (exciting but complicated) Science via the artist's artworks in a unique way.

Event Date

  • Aug 17th Mo, Start of Residency
  • Aug 24th Mo, 6pm Welcome Party@Piazza Fujiwara
  • Sep 1st Tu, 4pm Open Space
  • Sep 2nd We, 4pm Workshop
  • Sep 11th Fr, End of Residency
  • Oct 23rd Fr - 24th Sa Kashiwa Open Campus
  • Oct 30th Fr 31st Sa - Nov 8th Su, Exhibition at HAGISO



Aya Tsuboi
Press officer, Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe
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