IPMU established its satellite on UC Berkeley campus

IPMU signed an agreement with University of California Berkeley on Dec 17, 2009, to establish an "IPMU satellite" on the Berkeley campus. 

It will create much stronger ties between two institutions.  Prof. Lawrence Hall, who has visited IPMU headquarter on Kashiwa campus the last year, will manage the IPMU satellite.


Since IPMU scientists are required to spend at least one month outside Japan to create visibility and ties to communities worldwide, Berkeley IPMU satellite is an obvious place to visit.  In addition, the establishment of the satellite allows IPMU to support collaborative research on Berkeley campus.  The initial activity focuses on theoretical particle physics, both string theory and phenomenology.


This agreement became possible within the broader agreement between the University of Tokyo and UCB.





Director Murayama acted as an intermediary to make this agreement possible.  In the latter link, one can see Murayama's computer sitting next to Chancellor Birgeneau showing the picture of President Hamada signing the agreement.

 Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau signs an agreementBerkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau signs an agreement