Memorial Lecture for UT Honorary Doctoral Degree Recipient


Award ceremony of the University of Tokyo honorary doctoral degree to Sir Anthony J. Leggett of the University of Illinois will be held on March 12 (Friday) 15:00-16:30 at Koshiba Hall, Faculty of Science. 

Admission is free and no reservation is required. The Hall will open at 14:00. 


Dawn of superfluid helium 3 -- memory of a theorest

Sir Anthony James Leggett

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Professor Leggett received the 2003 Nobel Prize in Physics for his pioneering work on theoretical understanding of superfluid helium 3 liquid.

He has been a world leader in the area of superfluidity including Bose-Einstein condensed atomic gases. He is also well known for his work on the basic foundation of quantum mechanics such as Schrodinger's cat paradox. He has once taught at UT as a visiting professor when still young. UT has decided to award him with the honorary doctoral degree for his distinguished contribution to the science and culture, not only for UT but for a whole  Japan, and particularly to the development of physics and education.


Following his lecture, a tea-time discussion will be held at Foyer in Koshiba Hall among professor Leggett, students and young researchers.

This part is co-hosted by the faculty of Science and Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe. 


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