The 2010 The Japan Academy Prize to Katsuhiko Sato

 The Japan Academy announced Katsuhiko Sato, IPMU Principal Investigator and IPMU Professor as a recipient of 2010 the Japan Academy for his contribution on " The theory of accelerated inflationary universe".


Professor Katsuhiko Sato is a world leading cosmologist with many internationally well-recognized contribution. Most famous among his contribution is theory of accelerated inflationary universe, normally known as theory of inflationary universe, which has since developed into a well-established theory through observational evidences. 

Professor Katsuhiko SatoProfessor Katsuhiko Sato

Hubble's law has revealed the expanding universe in 1929, and the discovery of 3 degree cosmic microwave background radiation of 1964 has revealed that there was an huge explosion called big bag in the beginning. It was professor Sato who came up with a convincing theory as to how the big bang occured. He has proposed, for the first time and 

based on unified theory of forces, a scenario in which the universe just after it's birth has gone through an extreme and accelerated expansion which then developed into fireball. His theory explained why the present universe has uniform structure, on one hand, and has provided a foundation to the process of structure formation in the universe such as large galaxy groups, on other hand. 


His theory was further tested by data of cosmic microwave background radiation from NASA satellites that were launched after 1990s.