ASJ Young Astronomer Award to Keiichi Maeda

Astronomical Society of Japan (ASJ) selected Keiichi Maeda, an assistant professor at IPMU, for the recipient of their Young Astronomer Award. The award recipients, up to three scientists annually, are selected from young researchers under the age of 35. Maeda was awarded the ASJ Young Astronomer Award for his contribution to “theoretical and observational study on the structure of supernova explosions”. The award ceremony took place on March 25 at the annual meeting of the ASJ.

Keiichi MaedaKeiichi Maeda 

Maeda has developed a method to simulate emissions from supernovae in the multi-dimensional space, which is applicable to calculating observational consequences from a supernova explosion of arbitrary shape. Based on the theoretical predictions, Maeda has pointed out that late-time (about one year after the explosion) observations of supernovae could provide direct observational indications on their natures, and has led the observations by the Subaru Telescope. He thereby discovered that supernova explosions are not round but more like bipolar (i.e., pencil-like), and that the shape is narrower and shaper for more energetic supernovae which sometimes associated with enigmatic high energy transient gamma-ray bursts. These results have shed light on the still-debated natures of supernova explosions and gamma-ray bursts. The methods he proposed, both theoretical and observational, have opened up new fields in the study of supernovae, followed by various research groups.

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