David Spergel wins the Shaw Prize

May 27, 2010

Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe

Professor David Spergel, Principal Investigator of the IPMU has been awarded the Shaw Prize in Astronomy in recognition of their pioneering work on the satellite experiment "Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP)" that has contributed to breakthrough in better understanding the shape, makeup and age of the universe.

The prize was jointly awarded to Professor Charles L Bennett of Johns Hopkins University and Professor Lyman A Page Jr of Princeton University.

The Shaw Prize was established in 2002 by Sir Run Run Shaw, a leader in the media and movie industry in Hong Kong. It consists of three annual awards: the Prize in Astronomy, the Prize in Life Science and Medicine, and the Prize in Mathematical Sciences.

The Presentation ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, September 28, 2010.

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