The 2010 Young Scientist Award in Theoretical Particle Physics To Seong Chan Park

February 07, 2011
Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (IPMU)

The 2010 Young Scientist award in theoretical particle physics was awarded to Kin-ya Oda, the assistant professor of Osaka University, and Seong Chan Park, a researcher of IPMU.

Title of the Prize: "Rotating black holes at future colliders: Greybody factors for brane fields"

Physical Review D67 (2003) 064025 Erratum Physical Review D69 (2004) 049901

Daisuke Ida, Kin-ya Oda, Seong Chan Park

Seong Chan ParkSeong Chan Park

Statement of the selection committee:

Particle physics models containing extra dimensions have been actively studied as a candidate for solving the gauge-hierarchy problem of the standard model. In particular, those approaches drew attention after being pointed out that black holes might be produced in the collider experiment if the fundamental physical scale lies in TeV scale. In the earlier approaches, however, only very simple assumption about black holes had been adopted. This paper, for the first time, specifically obtained the spectrum of Hawking radiation by analysing field equations in 4 dimensional brane, and discussed a role of angular momentum in the production of black holes. In particular, their findings, that the produced black holes generally have a large angular momentum and a resulting Hawking radiation has a large anisotropy, greatly modified the previous naive approaches and gave a large impact to these approaches. Unfortunately, one of the co-authors, Daisuke Ida, does not qualify for this award. However, the selection committee equally praises his contribution for this work.