Reimbursement Procedures for Visitors

Contact (hereafter "Administration Office"): 

Visitors to Kashiwa - International Relations Section (2nd floor in the Kavli IPMU Building).

Visitors to Kamioka - Kamioka Administration Office

Kavli IPMU pays transportation fee between countries/cities (airfare and/or train fare) and/or fixed amount of local expenses (for accommodations, meals, local transportations and other miscellaneous expenses) to visitors invited by a Kavli IPMU researcher.  After your host researcher agrees with covering your travel expenses using Kavli IPMU fund, please follow the procedures below.

I. Pre-visit Procedure

If you need to obtain a visa to enter Japan, refer to VISA page.  

If you receive financial support from Kavli IPMU, we'll ask you the following information.  

1. Required Information

  1. Name
  2. Affiliation and job title (faculty, postdoc, or graduate student)
  3. Purpose of visit
  4. Period of stay at Kavli IPMU (itinerary)
  5. Receipt & e-ticket of your flights stating their schedule, flight number, and total price
  6. Accommodation (Refer to HOTEL page and let us know your preference.)
  7. Whether you are planning to visit any other institutions before or after your visit to Kavli IPMU
  8. Whether your trip includes any days for private
  9. Whether any financial support will be provided by other institution(s) for your trip
  10. Payment option (see below)

2. Payment Option

Choose either option 1 or 2.  

Option 1: Remittance full payment in a local currency of your account approximately one month after returning

You need to submit your bank account information, if you have never done.  

Bank Account in Japan Overseas Bank Account
  1. Bank account number
  2. Payee's name as registered at the bank
  3. Payee's address
  4. Payee's bank name with branch name
  5. Type of the bank account (ordinary account, current account or saving account)
  1. Name of the currency you would like to receive
  2. Payee's account number or IBAN
  3. Payee's name as registered at the bank
  4. Payee's address
  5. Payee's telephone number (for those who have Korean banks only)
  6. Payee's bank name with branch name
  7. Address of the bank
  8. SWIFT, BIC Code
  9. ABA, Routing Number (for US banks only)
  10. SORT CODE (for UK banks only)
  11. IFSC CODE (for Indian banks only)
  12. BSB (for Australian banks only)
  13. Intermediary bank's name with branch name (Only if there is an intermediary bank)
  14. Address of the intermediary bank (Only if there is an intermediary bank)

Option 2: Handing full payment in Japanese Yen cash during your stay at Kavli IPMU.

You need to settle your itinerary well in advance.  Keep your schedule unchanged as little as possible.  Any change in your itinerary must be reported to the Administration Office without delay.  

Submit all necessary information and documents by 3 weeks before arrival at Kavli IPMU. The reimbursement process usually takes around 3 weeks.  

If your stay is longer than 2 months, the reimbursement will be handed to you month by month.  

II. After arrival at Kavli IPMU

Visit the Administration Office on your first day at Kavli IPMU.  

If Kavli IPMU covers your airfare, please submit your boarding pass.  

III. Post-visit Procedure

All visitors whose travel expenses are covered by Kavli IPMU need to submit a Trip Report no later than 2 weeks after the completion of the visit.  Visit the website, fill out the form, and submit it.  (USER ID: travel ; PASS: narita-airport)

If Kavli IPMU covers your airfare, submit a scanned copy or a photo of boarding pass of your flight from Japan by email.    

Without the documents, Kavli IPMU cannot complete the reimbursement procedure.  Your cooperation would be appreciated.