If you have any symptoms of Illness, you can visit the Health Center on Kashiwa campus.There are English speaking doctors.

They are open 10:00-12:20 and 14:00-15:45 on weekdays.  Since they do not provide consultation via email, please go visit in person for any examination and consultation. Please be sure that you have your university ID card and some money with you.

 You can also find hospitals and clinics where English-speaking receptionists and doctors are on duty without much difficulty around campus and around Tokyo.  You can refer to the list of “Medical Clinics with English speaking doctors” in Kashiwa and around the Asakusa area from the link pages below (internal use only). 

Please do not hesitate to contact the IPMU office or the JISTEC support desk if you need Japanese assistance when making reservation. Make sure that you take your health insurance card and some money.