Japanese Language

Japanese Language Classes

1. Japanese classes at Kavli IPMU

Kavli IPMU offers complimentary Japanese class for international researchers.
If you would like to take the class, please fill in the application form (Word) and send to the International Relations Section in PDF form*.

*Our mail system started to block Word file, so we'd appreciate your trasforming Word file into PDF file before e-mailing.

2. Japanese classes on Kashiwa campus (International Liaison Office, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences)

International students / researchers and their family members may join the classes. Please refer to the website for further information on the classes.

3. Language Exchange Program

To improve your Japanese fluency, make a friend and learn about Japanese culture, Kavli IPMU Language Exchange Program matches Japanese language learners with one of Kavli IPMU staff members for conversational and cultural exchange.

How It Works

  • You receive an assignment sheet from Team IPMU.
  • Conversation partners meet once a week about an hour to talk or do an assignment together.
  • You should spend half of the time speaking in Japanese and the other half in English.

Contact us for detail and registration.