Rosai Hoken (Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance)

Injury, illness, disability, and death which occur at work or while commuting to and from work are covered by a national insurance scheme called Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance (Rosai Hoken).  All Japanese companies (universities) must take out this insurance. The insurance covers every worker employed by a company (university), including part-time and temporary workers, regardless of their residential or visa status.If you do fall ill or are injured while working or commuting to work, or even though you are not sure whether your injury or illness can be covered by Rosai Hoken, first talk to the Kavli IPMU Administrative office. Please remember that if your injury or illness is acknowledged as work-related, the all related medical expenses will be covered by Rosai Hoken and you won’t be charged for your medical bills until your treatment is completed. Meanwhile, you will be required to pay 30% of your medical expenses if your injury or illness was not acknowledged as work-related.

※CAUTION:  It is not your company but the Labor Standards Inspection Office that decides whether or not your claim justifies compensation.