Leaving the Institute

Leaving the Institute (Related to Research Activity)

1.  Start-up Fund

If your employment period has less than 6 months left, you are not allowed to purchase new PCs or equivalent equipment from your start-up fund.

2.  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

Japanese Researchers International Researchers
Budget Control Section Research Support Team

If you transfer to any institute abroad:   You can’t carry over your unused grant overseas.  Processing must also be carried out to return the unspent grant funds.  Please be sure to submit necessary documents to JSPS (or MEXT) in order to terminate the project by your resignation date.  

Also submitting a Progressive Report and a Research Achievement Report to JSPS are required when the grant is terminated. For greater details, please contact  our section above.

When you publish your research results that were handled by the grant, please make sure to add an acknowledgment that the research was granted by JSPS (or MEXT). See the detailed information in the following website.

How to Write Affiliation & Acknowledgement

If you transfer to any domestic institute:  There are some stipulations attached, but it is possible.  For more information, please contact  our section above.

3.  PC List

Japanese Researchers International Researchers
 IT Team/Contract Section Research Support Team

Please fill in the form below to list any PCs or related equipment (including iPads and so on) purchased by research funds (e.g. Kavli IPMU start-up fund, Grant-in-Aid and so on) . Then please submit it to our section above at least one month before you resign from Kavli IPMU. 

Based on the list, IT team will decide whether it has any software that needs to be uninstalled.  In case you want to continue utilization after resigning from Kavli IPMU, please submit an additional request form to the administrative office. We will provide you with the additional form which varies depending on the fund. You will be informed from the administrative office whether the request is accepted or not. Regarding the PCs that are purchased by start-up fund (WPI fund), they will NOT be given but lent to you after you leave Kavli IPMU.  

4.  Office Restoration

Please clean up, do not leave any trash or personal possessions in your office, and restore it to almost the same condition as when you moved in.  If you want to send out your belongings, Our researchsupport Team will arrange for a postman to pick up your boxes.  We can also prepare cardboard boxes for packing.

5.  Returning Books and Borrowed Materials:

Please return any library books including Japanese Text books and borrowed materials by your resignation day.  Book returns during and after the desk hours are available.  The library book return is located beside the library door. 

6.  Office Keys:

Please return your office keys and your ID card which has been used to enter the building by your resignation day.

Leaving the Institute (Related to Administrative Matter)

1.  Formal letter of resignation: 

The official resignation letter in Todai format needs to be turned in at least 30 days prior to your official resignation date only if you resign before the end of your employment term.  It requires your original hand-written name and signature on the designated form (*for Project Researcher, *for other than Project Researcher). 

2.  Termination from Health Insurance Program

Termination Form:  We need to have your sign or Hanko on a form to terminate from Kyosai Health Insurance Program about one month before you leave Japan.  If you plan to leave much earlier than your resignation date, we might ask you to sign a little earlier.

Returning Health Insurance Card:   It’s valid until your last day of employment with Todai.  However, because you can’t use the card itself while abroad anyway, please return it on your last day coming to IPMU.  If it’s not possible to hand back, please be sure to send it back before you leave Japan.

3.  Termination from Pension Program

Termination:  Because this is associated with health insurance program, there is no special form to terminate.  You will be automatically terminated when the health insurance termination is accepted.

Notification of Basic Pension Number:  Basic Pension Number is just like a social security number in US which is issued to an individual enrolled in one of the public pension programs.  The number will not be changed throughout your lifetime.  The notification (“KisoNenkinBangoTsuchisho”) is kept at the IPMU administrative office and it will be given to you if:

  1. You change your job to any other institute/company in Japan. 
  2. You decided to receive old-age pension in your future instead of receiving a lump-sum withdrawal of pension money.

Please keep either the hard copy or the number information.

Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments:  If you are non-Japanese and you have a short coverage period under the National Pension system or the Employees' Pension Insurance system (Kyosai), you can apply for the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments. Please make sure you are no longer covered by these pension systems, and file the application for the payments within two years of leaving Japan.

Please refer for details of the payments on this site.


or our web page below:


4.  Employment Insurance

Employment Insurance Card:  If you change your job to any other institute/company in Japan, please hand it over to the next employer.  The insurance number will be transferred to the next employer and also your employment term will be added to the next one which will be used to calculate how much you can receive if you lose your job.

Separation Notice:  If you do a job search after resigning from IPMU, until you find the next job, you can claim Unemployment Insurance.  However, you must be an appropriate visa holder to work (e.g. Spouse Visa, Permanent Visa, and so on) in Japan even after you resign from IPMU.  In order to claim the unemployment insurance, a “Separation Notice” needs to be issued from Todai.  We will explain details at the Termination Orientation.

5.  Income Tax

National Income Tax:  If you terminate in the middle of calendar year and it’s obvious that you will leave Japan and become a non-resident, we will make a “Year-end-adjustment” to reconcile your final tax in the calendar year.  You can usually expect to get a part of withheld tax back.

Resident (Local) Tax:  As we explained the resident tax charging system in the new-hire’s orientation, your resident tax associated with your income in last year is what you are paying now up to May next year.  Therefore, you have to repay the rest of unpaid tax before you leave Japan.  There are some optional ways to pay out.  However, the easiest and least troublesome way is to have Todai to withhold it from your last salary. 

6.  University ID Card

Please return your University ID Card by the end of your termination day.  It will automatically expire.  If you need to come to IPMU even after your termination date, we will issue you a visitor card.