Moving Out

MOVING OUT                                                                                                                                    

Please follow the procedures below:

1.  Moving-out Day

Decide on a moving-out date and let Team IPMU know at least one month in advance

Moving-out day needs to be on a weekday.  After the termination notice is submitted, you can’t change the date.  Please confirm your paid-vacation balance, and plan your moving schedule well in advance.  If you want to keep living in the same place, please consult Team IPMU.

2.  Japanese Bank Account

We recommend you leave your Japanese bank account with enough balance for a while even after you leave Japan. Because your deposit will be refunded to your bank account after any unpaid rent, costs for repairing damages, and the cleaning fee are deducted.  If it was a no deposit type apartment, any repair and cleaning fee will be directly debited from your bank account. If you want to close your bank account, please tell Team IPMU well in advance.

3.  Gas, Water/Sewage, Electricity

IPMU will contact utility vendors to shut down the service.  Please tell us your customer numbers for each vendor. Staff from vendors will visit your apartment on the inspection day, you can pay the final fee in cash

4.  Schedule a Move-out Inspection

The inspection is usually held right before you hand over the keys. Usually you need to return the keys at the end of the inspection. Since we have to make an appointment with the landlord or realtor, please let us know your convenient time/date options (10:00 - 15:00) as soon as you can.

5.  Clean up and put back

You are usually charged at least a minimum cleaning fee no matter how much you clean up your apartment. However, if the room is badly damaged or dirty and in need of repair, additional fees may be required. If you leave anything, even a piece of trash, you might be charged extra for disposing of the trash.  Disposing of furniture and appliances, perhaps you can find someone who will accept it. Usually you have to arrange for second-hand shops or recycle centers run by city hall/ward office to take them away for a fee.  Please consult Team IPMU or JISTEC at your earliest convenience. 

6.  Inform Team IPMU of your new address

Please remember to let us know your new address as soon as it’s fixed. 

 *Postal Service: we will file a change of address form with the post office.They will forward postal mails to your new address or IPMU (only for one year).

 *Residence Registration, Social Insurance, Commuting Allowance: Team IPMU will prepare a form.

7.  Move-out inspection and returning keys

You have an inspection and all keys you received from the realtor when you moved in need to be returned. If you return less, you will be charged a fee to change all of the locks.



Remark:  To move out from the International Lodge, you need to submit a termination form to the lodge janitor at least two weeks in advance.  You don’t need to inform utility vendors to shut down the services.