Kavli IPMU Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary

The research and administrative staff of Kavli IPMU gathered on October 15, 2014 to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the Institute. After a lunchtime reception, Director Murayama gave a speech entitled "State of Kavli IPMU".

Currently, we have 91 full-time faculty and postdoctoral fellows (over 50% of the faculty and fellows are foreigners), and 37 administrative and research support staff. Including joint appointments and students, Kavli IPMU is now an international research center for some 237 researchers and visiting researchers. On the scientific front, our researchers published over 1500 articles in refereed journals in these 7 years and did 379 as far as FY2013. The quality of our work is well recognized in the community, and based on the number of citations, Kavli IPMU has become a competitive world-class institute.