Salary and Commutation Allowance

If your appointment date is on the 1st of a month, your monthly salary and commutation allowance will be paid on the 17th of the same month. If your appointment date is not on the 1st of a month, your salary for the initial month and your monthly salary for the following month will be paid together on the 17th of the following month. However, the commuting allowance for the initial month will not be paid and you will only receive the monthly commuting allowance from the month following your appointment date. In other words, you will receive a commuting allowance every month for which you were here working on the first working date of the month.

Pay sheets

Payroll slips are issued from the Todai Portal site.  By accessing your on-line payroll site, you can view and print out payroll statements from the day before pay day.  Prior statements up to 3 years back are also available.

*Click here to have English translation of Pay-sheet