Focus week on string cosmology, Oct 4-8, 2010

Focus week on string cosmology

We project a workshop on string cosmology just after the COSMO/CosPa 2010 conference.

Covered topics include stringy inflation models, string phenomenology, and various theoretical approaches to string cosmology.

The daily schedule will include a few presentations and plenty of time for informal discussions.


October 4-8, 2010


Lecture Hall, IPMU, University of Tokyo, Japan


  • Robert Brandenberger (McGill)
  • Shinji Mukohyama (IPMU)
  • Fuminobu Takahashi (IPMU)

Confirmed invited speakers

  • Daniel Baumann (IAS)
  • Robert Brandenberger (McGill)
  • Kiwoon Choi (KAIST)
  • Sumit R. Das (Kentucky)
  • Elias Kiritsis (Crete)
  • Tatsuo Kobayashi (Kyoto)
  • Gary Shiu (Wisconsin)
  • Kostas Skenderis (Amsterdam)


4 Mon:

  9:50- 9:52 Shinji Mukohyama (IPMU) "Opening remarks"

  9:52-10:00 Hitoshi Murayama (IPMU) "Welcome to IPMU"

10:00-11:30 Robert Brandenberger (McGill) [chair:Mukohyama] "Alternatives to Inflation from String Theory"

12:00-13:00 lunch

13:00-14:40 short talks (4 talks, 20+5min each) [chair:Easson]

Raphael Flauger (Yale U) "Axion monodromy inflation"

Yasuhiro Sekino (Okayama) "Topological Phases of Eternal Inflation"

Mark Jackson (U Leiden) "Observing Quantum Gravity in the Sky"

Alexander Vikman (CERN) "Cosmology with Kinetic Braiding"

15:00-15:30 teatime

15:30-17:00 Kiwoon Choi (KAIST) [chair:Takahashi] "Supersymmetry breakdown and its mediation at the time of the LHC"

5 Tue:

10:00-11:30 Kostas Skenderis (Amsterdam) [chair:Takayanagi] "Holographic Non-Gaussianity"

12:00-13:00 lunch

13:00-14:30 Tatsuo Kobayashi (Kyoto) [chair:Watari] "Discrete symmetries in string models"

15:00-15:30 teatime

15:30-16:00 IPMU 3rd anniversary all-hands meeting

16:00-17:30 poster session

18:00-20:00 IPMU 3rd anniversary party

6 Wed:

10:00-11:30 Elias Kiritsis (Crete) [chair:Ookouchi] "Gravity (and cosmology) from the landscape of QFT"

12:00-13:00 lunch

13:00-14:30 Sumit R. Das (Kentucky) [chair:Brandenberger] "Space-like singularities and Holography"

15:00-15:30 teatime

15:30-17:10 short talks (4 talks, 20+5min each) [chair:Gumrukcuoglu]

Simeon Hellerman (IPMU) "What REALLY happened in the early universe?"

Oleg Evnin (Beijing) "Strings, matrices, gauge theories, plane waves and cosmology"

Sergei Ketov (Tokyo Metropolitan U) "F(R) supergravity and early Universe"

Makoto Tanabe (Waseda U) "Time Dependent Meta Stable Vacua in M-theory"

18:00-20:00 workshop banquet

7 Thu:

10:00-11:40 short talks (4 talks, 20+5min each) [chair:Park]

Damien Easson (Arizona State U / IPMU) "Degenerate observables in string inflationary models"

Takeshi Kobayashi (U of Tokyo) "Effects of Light Fields During Inflation"

Gonzalo Palma (U de Chile) "Features of heavy physics in the CMB power spectrum"

Jinn-Ouk Gong (U Leiden) "More updates on warped brane inflation"

12:00-13:00 IPMU ACP seminar
Alexei Starobinsky (Landau Institute) "Non-perturbative predictions of stochastic inflation and their
dependence of initial conditions

[14:00- campus-wide emergency drill]

8 Fri:

10:00-11:30 Daniel Baumann (IAS) [chair:Takahashi] "Explanations for the Small Inflaton Mass"

12:00-13:00 lunch

13:00-14:30 Gary Shiu (Wisconsin) [chair:Mukohyama] "Searching for Classical de Sitter Solutions in String

14:30-14:40 Robert Brandenberger (McGill) "Closing remarks"


Sebastian Halter (Max-Planck) "Matter Inflation in Heterotic String Theory"

Shoichi Ichinose (U of Shizuoka) "New Regularization using Closed String Configuration and Renormalization Group Flow of the Cosmological Constant"

Keisuke Izumi (IPMU) "Trispectrum from Ghost Inflation"

Yoji Koyama (Chuo U) "Higher Dimensional Gauge Theories and Inflation"

Koichi Miyamoto (U of Tokyo) "Kahler moduli double inflation"

Jong-Chul Park (KIAS) "Dark matter and hidden U(1)_X"

Igmar Rosas-Lopez (Sokendai) "Antisymmetric field in string gas cosmology"

Yoske Sumitomo (Tata Institute) "Axion Monodromy Quintessence"

Shuichiro Yokoyama (Nagoya U) "Use of delta N formalism"


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