Please note that expected schedule of visits listed here are subject to change.

NameAffiliationResearch FieldFromToPurpose
Alejandro Raul Botas  University of Valencia Theoretical Physics 2017/08/12 2017/09/11 Research 
Cheng-Wei Chiang  Natl Taiwan U Particle Theory 2017/07/21 2017/09/10 Research 
Sbastien Descotes-Genon  CNRS Theoretical Physics 2017/08/24 2017/09/23 Research 
Jason Detwiler    Experimental Physics 2017/08/17 2017/08/26 Research 
Roland Diehl  MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics High Energy Physics 2017/08/29 2017/09/03 Research 
Richard Driessnack Eager  U Heidelberg Mathematical Physics 2017/08/21 2017/08/25 Research 
Sergey Galkin  HSE, National Research University Mathematics 2017/08/19 2017/08/27 Speaker 
Ryuichiro Hada  Tohoku U   2017/08/28 2017/08/30 Research 
Keisuke Harigaya  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Particle Theory 2017/08/11 2017/08/23 Speaker 
Kenji Iohara  U Lyon Mathematics 2017/08/11 2017/09/03 Research 
Paula Jofre  U Cambridge Astronomy 2017/08/22 2017/10/18 Research 
Kameswara Rao Kodali  Tata Inst High Energy Physics 2017/08/27 2017/09/25 Research 
Mangesh Madhukar Kolwalkar  Tata Inst   2017/08/27 2017/09/25 Research 
Kenichi Konishi  U Pisa Particle Theory 2017/08/28 2017/09/01 Speaker 
Sukant Narendra Mayekar  Tata Inst High Energy Physics 2017/08/27 2017/09/25 Research 
Andrei Negut  MIT Mathematics 2017/08/21 2017/09/03 Speaker 
Serguey Todorov Petcov  SISSA Particle Theory 2017/08/29 2017/09/04 Research 
Josh Renner  University of Valencia Theoretical Physics 2017/08/12 2017/09/11 Research 
Difu Shi  Durham U Cosmology 2017/08/16 2017/09/15 Research 
Chi Long Ivan So  HKUST Theoretical Physics 2017/06/19 2017/08/31 Research 
Taro Tani  National Institute of Technology, Kurume College String Theory 2017/05/01 2018/02/28 Research 
Andrey Zhiglo  KIPT Astrophysics 2016/10/01 2018/03/31 Research