Kavli IPMU News

  • Feature Takaaki Kajita, Atmospheric Neutrinos and Neutrino Oscillations
    Special Contribution Yasuo Nomura, Invisible Halo
    Tea Break Alexander Voronov, Urashima Effect: a Version

    • Feature Todor Milanov, Intersection Numbers and Differential Equations
    • Interview With Gerard 't Hooft
    • Feature Surhud More, Using Galaxies to Shed Light on the Dark Universe
    • Interview With Rashid Sunyaev
    • Feature Hitoshi Murayama, Science for Peace and Development Today and Tomorrow
    • Round Table Talk With Edward Witten
    • Feature Naoki Yoshida, Putting the Universe on a Computer
    • Interview With Young-Kee Kim
    • Feature Masahiro Takada, Cosmology and Statistics
    • Round Table Talk Peter Goddard with Hitoshi Murayama and Hirosi Ooguri
    • Interview With Freeman Dyson
    • Feature Toshiyuki Kobayashi, From "Local" to "Global" - Beyond the Riemannian Geometry -
    • Interview With Lisa Randall
    • Feature Shigeki Sugimoto, Proton, Neutron, and D-brane
    • Interview With Fabiola Gianotti
    • Obituary Hirosi Ooguri, Obituary: Fred Kavli (1927 - 2013)
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Dawn of Physics of the 21st Century
    • Feature Kai Martens, They Why and How of Catching WIMPs
    • Research Report Masahiro Takada, Naoki Yasuda, Ready to Go for "Cosmic Census" Project with the World's Most Powerful Camera, Hyper Suprime-Cam
    • Interview With John Ellis
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Changing of the Guard
    • Feature Taizan Watari, Impact of Large-Mixing-Apple Neutrino Oscillations
    • Interview With Kenji Fukaya
    • Special Contribution Aya Tsuboi, Kavli IPMU Arts Society
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Building International Membership
    • Feature Simon Hellerman, String Theory: Genetic Code of the Cosmos
    • Round Table Talk Anna Hamakoji, Keiko Nishikawa, Midori Ozawa, Talking about the Daily Life Support Services for Foreign Researchers
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Science and Politics
    • Feature Yukinobu Toda, Minimal Model Theory, Derived Categories of Coherent Sheaves, and Mirror Symmetry
    • Special Contribution Cornelius Schmidt-Colinet, The Kavli IPMU Orchestra
    • Research Report Kevin Bundy, The MaNGA Prototype Sees First Light!
    • Interview With Brian Schmidt
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Force of Nature
    • Feature Mark R. Vagins, Kavli IPMU's Neutrino Forecast: Mostly Sunny, with a Good Chance of Supernovas
    • Special Contribution Hirosi Ooguri, Kavli Prize Ceremony in Oslo
    • Interview With Katsuhiko Sato
    • Research Report Masahiro Takada, The First Big Step for the Hyper Suprime-Cam Project!
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, I am Super Excited!
    • Message Addresses given at the Kavli IPMU Naming Ceremony
    • Interview With Fred Kavli
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Joining the Kavli Family
    • Special Contribution Robert Quimby, Nobel Minds Expand Our Universe
    • Special Contribution Akira Mabuchi, Bringing the Forefront of Scientific Research to the Art Museum!
    • Feature Naoki Yoshida, Putting the Universe on a Computer
    • IPMU Interview With Michael A. Strauss
    • Special Contribution Masami Nishikawa, 2011: A Space Odyssey
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Receiving "S" Grade
    • Feature Kunio Inoue, KamLAND-Zen Project
    • Talking IPMU Three Years at IPMU
    • Special Contribution Masataka Fukugita, Heisenberg's Hand-Written Manuscript -Heisenberg and Nishijima
    • Research Report Kai Martens, The First Phase of the XMASS Experiment
    • IPMU Interview With Jerome I. Friedman
  • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Discovery
    Feature Takaaki Kajita, Atmospheric Neutrinos and Neutrino Oscillations
    Research Report Mark Vagins, EGADS Gets Going
    IPMU Interview with Roberto D. Peccei

  • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, 3.11
    Feature Alexey Bondal, From Algebras to Varieties
    Special Contribution Serguey T. Petcov, Experiencing the 2011 March 11 Earthquake and its Aftermath at IPMU
    Special Contribution Toshio Kuroki, WPI Centers on March 11, 2011 and Aftermath
    IPMU Interview with Sadanori Okamura