Kavli IPMU News

  • Feature Takaaki Kajita, Atmospheric Neutrinos and Neutrino Oscillations
    Special Contribution Yasuo Nomura, Invisible Halo
    Tea Break Alexander Voronov, Urashima Effect: a Version

    • Feature Todor Milanov, Intersection Numbers and Differential Equations
    • Interview With Gerard 't Hooft
    • Feature Surhud More, Using Galaxies to Shed Light on the Dark Universe
    • Interview With Rashid Sunyaev
    • Feature Hitoshi Murayama, Science for Peace and Development Today and Tomorrow
    • Round Table Talk With Edward Witten
    • Feature Naoki Yoshida, Putting the Universe on a Computer
    • Interview With Young-Kee Kim
    • Feature Masahiro Takada, Cosmology and Statistics
    • Round Table Talk Peter Goddard with Hitoshi Murayama and Hirosi Ooguri
    • Interview With Freeman Dyson
    • Feature Toshiyuki Kobayashi, From "Local" to "Global" - Beyond the Riemannian Geometry -
    • Interview With Lisa Randall
    • Feature Shigeki Sugimoto, Proton, Neutron, and D-brane
    • Interview With Fabiola Gianotti
    • Obituary Hirosi Ooguri, Obituary: Fred Kavli (1927 - 2013)
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Dawn of Physics of the 21st Century
    • Feature Kai Martens, They Why and How of Catching WIMPs
    • Research Report Masahiro Takada, Naoki Yasuda, Ready to Go for "Cosmic Census" Project with the World's Most Powerful Camera, Hyper Suprime-Cam
    • Interview With John Ellis
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Changing of the Guard
    • Feature Taizan Watari, Impact of Large-Mixing-Apple Neutrino Oscillations
    • Interview With Kenji Fukaya
    • Special Contribution Aya Tsuboi, Kavli IPMU Arts Society
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Building International Membership
    • Feature Simon Hellerman, String Theory: Genetic Code of the Cosmos
    • Round Table Talk Anna Hamakoji, Keiko Nishikawa, Midori Ozawa, Talking about the Daily Life Support Services for Foreign Researchers
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Science and Politics
    • Feature Yukinobu Toda, Minimal Model Theory, Derived Categories of Coherent Sheaves, and Mirror Symmetry
    • Special Contribution Cornelius Schmidt-Colinet, The Kavli IPMU Orchestra
    • Research Report Kevin Bundy, The MaNGA Prototype Sees First Light!
    • Interview With Brian Schmidt
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Force of Nature
    • Feature Mark R. Vagins, Kavli IPMU's Neutrino Forecast: Mostly Sunny, with a Good Chance of Supernovas
    • Special Contribution Hirosi Ooguri, Kavli Prize Ceremony in Oslo
    • Interview With Katsuhiko Sato
    • Research Report Masahiro Takada, The First Big Step for the Hyper Suprime-Cam Project!
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, I am Super Excited!
    • Message Addresses given at the Kavli IPMU Naming Ceremony
    • Interview With Fred Kavli
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Joining the Kavli Family
    • Special Contribution Robert Quimby, Nobel Minds Expand Our Universe
    • Special Contribution Akira Mabuchi, Bringing the Forefront of Scientific Research to the Art Museum!
    • Feature Naoki Yoshida, Putting the Universe on a Computer
    • IPMU Interview With Michael A. Strauss
    • Special Contribution Masami Nishikawa, 2011: A Space Odyssey
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Receiving "S" Grade
    • Feature Kunio Inoue, KamLAND-Zen Project
    • Talking IPMU Three Years at IPMU
    • Special Contribution Masataka Fukugita, Heisenberg's Hand-Written Manuscript -Heisenberg and Nishijima
    • Research Report Kai Martens, The First Phase of the XMASS Experiment
    • IPMU Interview With Jerome I. Friedman
  • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Discovery
    Feature Takaaki Kajita, Atmospheric Neutrinos and Neutrino Oscillations
    Research Report Mark Vagins, EGADS Gets Going
    IPMU Interview with Roberto D. Peccei