Researchers find way to improve simulations of neutrinos and astrophysical plasma dynamics

A research team including Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (Kavli IPMU) Principal Investigator Naoki Yoshida have found a way to improve computer simulations that recreate the movement of neutrinos and astrophysical plasma.

ニュートリノや宇宙プラズマのシミュレーション精度が飛躍的に向上 -ブラソフ方程式の高精度数値解法を開発

Kavli IPMU 主任研究員吉田直紀教授を含む研究グループは、ニュートリノや宇宙プラズマの運動を記述する基礎方程式「ブラソフ方程式」の高精度数値解法を開発しました。このことにより、現実的なメモリ量でシミュレーションの精度を飛躍的に向上させることができます。

Kavli IPMU joins new organization to lead future neutrino experiments

Three world-leading science institutes and departments, a Nobel Laureate, and an upcoming project to develop one of the world's biggest neutrino detectors will make up the University of Tokyo's newest organization, the Next-generation Neutrino Science Organization (NNSO). An inaugural ceremony was held at Kamioka Observatory, near where the future detector will be built, on Wednesday.