Kavli IPMU News

    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, I am Super Excited!
    • Message Addresses given at the Kavli IPMU Naming Ceremony
    • Interview With Fred Kavli
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Joining the Kavli Family
    • Special Contribution Robert Quimby, Nobel Minds Expand Our Universe
    • Special Contribution Akira Mabuchi, Bringing the Forefront of Scientific Research to the Art Museum!
    • Feature Naoki Yoshida, Putting the Universe on a Computer
    • IPMU Interview With Michael A. Strauss
    • Special Contribution Masami Nishikawa, 2011: A Space Odyssey
    • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Receiving "S" Grade
    • Feature Kunio Inoue, KamLAND-Zen Project
    • Talking IPMU Three Years at IPMU
    • Special Contribution Masataka Fukugita, Heisenberg's Hand-Written Manuscript -Heisenberg and Nishijima
    • Research Report Kai Martens, The First Phase of the XMASS Experiment
    • IPMU Interview With Jerome I. Friedman
  • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Discovery
    Feature Takaaki Kajita, Atmospheric Neutrinos and Neutrino Oscillations
    Research Report Mark Vagins, EGADS Gets Going
    IPMU Interview with Roberto D. Peccei

  • Director’s Corner Hitoshi Murayama, 3.11
    Feature Alexey Bondal, From Algebras to Varieties
    Special Contribution Serguey T. Petcov, Experiencing the 2011 March 11 Earthquake and its Aftermath at IPMU
    Special Contribution Toshio Kuroki, WPI Centers on March 11, 2011 and Aftermath
    IPMU Interview with Sadanori Okamura