Kavli IPMU News

  • Director's Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Going Global
    Feature Stavros Katsanevas, Towards a global Astroparticle Physics roadmap
    IPMU Interview with astronaut Takao Doi
    Special Contribution Kyoji Saito, Moonshiney Conference
    Special Contribution Siobhan Roberts, A Visit from the Mathemagician: John Horton Conway

  • Director's Corner Hitoshi Murayama, Ramping Up
    Feature Katsuhiko Sato, Exploring Star Deaths and the Early Universe by Detecting Supernova Neutrinos and Gravitational Waves
    Opening Symposium
    IPMU Interview with Masatoshi Koshiba

  • Vision Hitoshi Murayama, What do we want to do at this new institute?
               Hiroaki Aihara The launch of the IPMU
               Yoichiro Suzuki, A model for new research in Japan
    Message Hiroshi Komiyama, Kisaburo Tokai, Sir Michael Atiyah, David Gross, Saul Perlmutter
    Our Team
    IPMU Map
    IPMU Interview with David Eisenbud