Belle II

Belle II experiment at SuperKEKB aims to study the flavor sector of the Standard Model by conducting a detailed measurements of B meson decays. Through an order of magnitude improvement of the measurements, it is hoped to uncover physics beyond the Standard Model.

Expected to be commissioned in 2014, the SuperKEKB is an asymmetric-energy e^+ e^- collider, which has the luminosity 40 times higher than its predecessor KEKB and produces nearly equal numbers of B and antiB mesons. The original Belle detector is being upgraded into Belle II so that it can maximally exploit the high luminosity operation of SuperKEKB.

The Kavli IPMU team plays a central role for assembling the silicon vertex detector that is used to measure the decay vertices of B mesons. Once the construction period is over, the group will study a wide range of subjects in flavor physics and search for a hint of new physics beyond the Standard Model.

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Last Update: May 16, 2014