Kavli IPMU Internal rules for the management of accounts of computers and networks

Steering Committee decision on September 28, 2021 


Article 1

The following articles define an internal rule on the necessary matters regarding managing accounts for using computers and networks owned by the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (henceforth "the Organization"), the University of Tokyo.


Article 2 

The computers and networks subject to these internal rules are as follows:
(1) Computers
   (a) the computer for Kavli IPMU members: member.ipmu.jp (
   (b) the cluster computer gfarm: gfarm.ipmu.jp (
   (c) the cluster computer gw:
   (d) the cluster computer idark: idark.ipmu.jp (
   (e) the GPU machine gpgpu:
(2) Network system
   (a) VPN connection (using Cisco Firewall function)
   (b) ssh GW connection (sshgw.ipmu.jp)

(Qualified account holder) 

Article 3  

Persons who can obtain an account to use the computers and networks defined in Article 2 shall be listed below.
(1) Among the members of the Organization, those specified below
    (a) Principal Investigators
    (b) Teachers whose primary duties are the Organization
    (c) Project Researcher
    (d) Graduate students
(2) A person who has applied for an account with a guarantor, stipulated in Article 3, Paragraph (1)-(b).

(Application for account acquisition) 

Article 4  

(1) Those who wish to acquire an account shall apply to the Chairman of the Organization Computer Committee for the prescribed account acquisition.
(2) The account holder must promptly notify the Chairman of the Organization Computer Committee when there is a change in the application details.

(Account validity period) 

Article 5  

The validity period of the account shall be as follows.
(1) The person who acquired the account according to the provisions of Article 3, Paragraph (1): until the qualifications specified expires.
(2) Persons who have acquired an account according to the provisions of Article 3, Paragraph (2): until the last day of the year starting use belongs. It is also possible to request an extension of the account every year.

(Account deletion and suspension)

Article 6 

The Organization may delete or suspend the account if any of the following items apply.
(1) When the account holder has passed the expiration date of the account in Article 5.
(2) When the account holder performs the following acts or acts that may cause such acts
    (a) Use for profit or commercial purposes
    (b) Acts that cause trouble to other users due to the monopoly of computers and networks.
    (c) Other acts that are offensive to public order and morals.
(3) When the Organization determines that the account user violates the University of Tokyo Information Security Policy
(4) When the Organization determines that there is a risk of interfering with the computer and network operation.


Article 7 

The Organization shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the account user using the computer and network.

(Computer and network outage) 

Article 8 

The Organization may suspend the computer and network without prior notice to the account holder.

(Office work) 

Article 9 

The Organization's IT team will handle the affairs related to account management.

(Supplementary rule) 

Article 10 

In addition to the rules defined above, other necessary matters regarding account management shall be stipulated separately.

Supplementary rules 

1 These rules shall become effective on October 4, in 2021.