Please note that expected schedule of visits listed here are subject to change.

NameAffiliationResearch FieldFromToPurpose
Junna Sugiyama  U Tokyo Experimental Physics 2021/08/02 2021/08/02 Research 
Junna Sugiyama  U Tokyo Experimental Physics 2021/08/05 2021/08/05 Research 
Justin KAMYAR KAIDI    String Theory 2021/07/15 2021/09/29 Research 
Junyao Li  U Science and Technology China Astronomy 2019/09/20 2021/09/19 Research 
Satsuki Okumura  U Tokyo Experimental Physics 2021/04/16 2023/03/31 Research 
Ken Osato  Kyoto U Astrophysics 2021/07/26 2021/07/30 Research 
Toshihiro Ota  U Tokyo, Math Sci   2021/07/12 2021/07/31 Research 
Kana Sakaguri  U Tokyo Experimental Physics 2021/07/29 2021/07/29 Research 
Kana Sakaguri  U Tokyo Experimental Physics 2021/08/02 2021/08/02 Research 
Kana Sakaguri  U Tokyo Experimental Physics 2021/08/05 2021/08/05 Research 
Samantha Lynn Stever  Okayama U Astrophysics 2021/07/15 2021/08/06 Research 
Kohsaku Tobioka  Florida State U Particle Theory 2021/08/01 2021/08/06 Research 
Stephane Zsoldos  King's College London Neutrino Physics 2021/07/15 2023/03/31 Research