Please note that expected schedule of visits listed here are subject to change.

NameAffiliationResearch FieldFromToPurpose
Fernando Arias Aragón  UAM Theoretical Physics 2018/04/07 2018/05/05 Research 
Gautam Bhattacharyya  Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics Particle Theory 2018/04/08 2018/05/05 Research 
Jipeng Cheng  CUMT Mathematics 2017/11/18 2018/11/17 Research 
Cheng-Wei Chiang  Natl Taiwan U Particle Theory 2018/04/09 2018/04/30 Research 
Tommaso Ghigna  U Oxford   2017/09/26 2018/09/30 Research 
Gabriel Gouraud  Ecole Polytechnique Cosmology 2018/03/25 2018/08/19 Research 
Josu Hernandez  SISSA Particle Theory 2018/04/04 2018/05/04 Research 
Viacheslav Li  U Hawaii Neutrino Physics 2018/04/17 2018/04/21 Speaker 
Alexander Nicholas Mason  U Oxford Particle Theory 2017/10/09 2018/09/30 Research 
Shinji Mukohyama  Kyoto U Cosmology 2018/04/27 2018/05/01 Research 
Wiphu Rujopakarn  Chulalongkorn U. Astronomy 2018/04/15 2018/04/23 Research 
Mattia Talpo  Simon Fraser U Mathematics 2018/04/21 2018/04/30 Speaker