Please note that expected schedule of visits listed here are subject to change.

NameAffiliationResearch FieldFromToPurpose
Jamil Doa  U Tokyo Cosmology 2020/09/01 2021/03/31 Research 
Jason Lott Evans  Shanghai Jiao Tong U Particle Theory 2020/03/02 2020/12/27 Research 
Koichi Hamaguchi  U Tokyo Particle Theory 2020/04/01 2021/03/31 Research 
Yurika Hoshino  Saitama U Experimental Physics 2020/04/01 2021/03/31 Research 
Kenta Hotokezaka  U Tokyo Astronomy 2020/10/06 2021/03/31 Research 
Daisuke Kaneko  KEK High Energy Physics 2020/08/01 2021/03/31 Research 
Kunimoto Komatsu  Okayama U Experimental Physics 2020/04/01 2021/03/31 Research 
Junyao Li  U Science and Technology China Astronomy 2019/09/20 2021/09/19 Research 
Naoya Maeda  YNU Experimental Physics 2020/04/01 2021/03/31 Research 
Hiroshi Mizuma  RIKEN Experimental Physics 2020/11/29 2020/12/02 Research 
Isao Sashima  Tokyo Tech High Energy Astrophysics 2020/11/20 2021/01/22 Research 
Samantha Lynn Stever  Okayama U Astronomy 2020/12/01 2020/12/25 Research 
Shinya Sugiyama  Saitama U Experimental Physics 2020/04/01 2021/03/31 Research 
Ryota Takaku  U Tokyo Experimental Physics 2020/04/01 2021/03/31 Research 
Michihisa Takeuchi  Nagoya U Particle Theory 2020/04/01 2020/12/31 Research 
Yuji Tanaka  Nagoya U Mathematics 2020/10/20 2020/12/28 Research 
Ryota Tomaru  Durham U Experimental Physics 2020/10/01 2020/12/31 Research 
Shin Watanabe  JAXA Experimental Physics 2020/11/24 2020/11/26 Research 
Tsutomu Yanagida  Shanghai Jiao Tong U Particle Theory 2020/02/01 2020/12/31 Research