The Kavli IPMU is the first entity within the University of Tokyo Institutes for Advanced Study (UTIAS). The Kavli IPMU Director is appointed by the Director of UTIAS. The Director has a complete authority of making a wide range of decisions including proposing recruitment of the Principal Investigators to the President, and appointing other research staffs and administrative staffs. The Kavli IPMU Steering Committee (SC), consisting of the Director, Deputy Directors and the Administrative Director and a couple of PIs, serves as the personnel committee for faculty and reports the decisions to the UTIAS Steering Committee. The Executive Board (EB) is held regularly to ensure smooth operation and swift decision making on daily matters. The Office for Research Strategies is active to strengthen the research activities by pursuing the external funds.

The Scientific advisory Committee (SAC) gives advice to the Director on hiring scientific staffs and setting scientific strategies. The members consist of Deputy Directors and five among Kavli IPMU's Principal Investigators, all appointed by the Director. The External Advisory Committee (EAC), appointed by the University President, reviews annually the scientific achievement and activities of the Institute and advises the President on scientific priorities and the research activities to keep the Institute stay on the course of their objectives.

Kavli IPMU has rather unique approach in organizing the research objectives, where the world's leading scientists in their research fields are appointed as the Principal Investigators. There are 26 of them at the moment and they are affiliated to Kavli IPMU and other departments in the Host Institution (U of Tokyo) as well as other institutions. The Principal Investigators have a large autonomy in the research they conduct. They can make a proposal to the Director to hire research staffs at Kavli IPMU to help their research. The Director's approval on the proposed appointments will reflect the scientific vision and priorities set by the Director, who may consult the SAC as needed.

The administrative staff is an integral part of the Institute. Providing the best possible environment to the researchers in the institute is essentially important for the Kavli IPMU's mission. This part is headed by the Administrative Director. Its function also enables the Director to spend more time to consider the institute at large and focus on the direction of the research.

Kavli IPMU Organization Chart (October 1st, 2017)

Kavli IPMU OrganizationKavli IPMU Organization


Scientific Advisory Committee Members (2017)

  • H. Aihara
  • Y. Suzuki
  • T. Kohno
  • H. Ooguri
  • D. Spergel
  • T. Yanagida
  • M. Kapranov

External Advisory Committee Members (2017)

  • J. Ellis (King's College London)
  • S. Kahn (SLAC/Stanford U; Chair)
  • S. Kojima (Tokyo Tech)
  • D. Morrison (UC Santa Barbara)
  • S. Okamura (Hosei U)
  • N. Smith (SNO Lab)

Host Institute (Univ. of Tokyo)

Collaborating Institutions

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