Hitoshi Murayama receives Research Award from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

December 21, 2017
Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (Kavli IPMU)


Director of the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (Kavli IPMU) and MacAdams Professor of Physics at the University of California, Berkeley, Hitoshi Murayama will receive a Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany, it was announced in October.

The award is one of up to 100 the Humboldt Foundation grants every year to internationally renowned academics from abroad in recognition of their achievements to date; particularly academics whose fundamental discoveries, new theories, or insights have had a significant impact on their own discipline and who are expected to continue producing cutting-edge achievements in the future.

"Germany has a long tradition of producing high quality research and has been constantly increasing its budget for scientific research. It is also the country where I spent my childhood. I feel incredibly honored to have been selected by the Humboldt Foundation, and look forward to spending time in Germany to carry out new research collaborations. I’m also excited that I will be able to celebrate this award with the President of Germany in June," says Murayama.

As part of the award and the foundation's vision to promote academic cooperation between researchers from around the world, Murayama will be invited to spend a period of up to one year cooperating with colleagues at a research institution in Germany.

Murayama will be recognized during the foundation's next annual meeting in Berlin in June next year.

To date, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has grown to a network of more than 28,000 scientists and scholars located around the world. Past notable recipients include a total of 54 Nobel Laureates including University of Tokyo Physics Nobel Laureate Masatoshi Koshiba, and Kavli IPMU Principal Investigator Hirosi Ooguri in 2009.

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation was established in 1953 by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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