Kavli IPMU Monoshiri Journal Online Talk Series (May, 30/31)

Published May, 28, 2020
The Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (Kavli IPMU)


The Monoshiri Journal, a poster-style zeen by Kavli IPMU, aims to present easy-to-digest physics and mathematics talks that can be enjoyed by all, including people without a background in science. In each session, Kavli IPMU researchers will introduce bite-sized research topics, including trending scientific themes and individuals.

This weekend (May 30/31), as part of the Kavli IPMU Monoshiri Journal Online Talk Series, four researchers who were previously featured in the zeen, will introduce research from their personal experience. Their presentations, which will be around 30 minutes each, can be enjoyed by all.

While current circumstances make attending offline events difficult, we hope everyone will be able to enjoy the presentations remotely, including junior and senior high school students who may find science challenging. Adults are also encouraged to enjoy the presentations at their convenience.

This event will be in Japanese only.


Title: Kavli IPMU Monoshiri Journal Online Talk Series
Time: May 30/31, 2020: 13: 00-, 14: 00- (Approx. 30 minutes per speaker)
Location: Online (no recording will be available)
Audience: Junior and senior high school students and adults (no prior knowledge required)
Fee: Free
Capacity: Open
Pre-registration: None
Organizer: Kavli IPMU
Email: koukai-kouza_at_ipmu.jp (Kavli IPMU, Public Relations), 
TEL: 04-7136-5981
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** Please refrain from recording and reprinting lecture videos


Saturday, May 30, 2020 

Sunday, May 31, 2020