An artist will join Kavli IPMU 2022

Oct 13, 2022
Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (Kavli IPMU)

We are pleased to announce that Koji Maekawa an artist, will join Kavli IPMU for 10 days from Next Monday under Kavli IPMU Artist in Residence (AIR) program and Fundamentalz program.
Through exchanging ideas and sharing his working process with you, he'd like to reflect deeply on how his working approach and his
constructing method will be looked at in your context, and try to discover the unique qualities of his future plans. You can see his small exhibition on the 3rd floor during his stay.


Basically, he makes drawings at his office at IPMU by attending teatime and seminars during his 10 days of visiting. Please welcome him and enjoy chatting with him. It might be interesting for your occasional visit to his workspace to see the progress. We hope you will enjoy his stay!


Born in Osaka in 1980, Koji Maekawa received his M.F.A. in sculpture from Kyoto City University of Arts. He often sneaks into an object, concept, state, or situation and reconstructs it from it's inside in his own way. As a result, when we see his artworks, we are encouraged to be pushed into a feedback loop of integrating it, recognizing it and reintegrating it. He says, "I kind of like this 'dizzy' state." He currently lives and works in Kyoto.

For What? 

This program has a number of purposes. For researchers, the artist's art could be useful for your research activities, or the artist might bring researchers together in a unique way. For the artist, Kavli IPMU's science could indicate a unique manner of seeing the world. By making new art works in such an environment, the artist could see his activity in a very different context. For the general public, his artwork and other records might indicate his experience at IPMU and through that, they might be able to share the essence or core of the Kavli IPMU's exciting but complicated science in a unique way.
Best Regards,
Kavli IPMU Press Office


Room A03

Dates & Events

17th Mo, Start of Residency@A03 and of his small exhibition@3rd floor
18th Tu, 15:30@3F Seminar C, self-introduction from Koji
19th We, 2pm@A03 Open space
27th Th, 2pm@A03 Open space
27th Th, End of Residency



Any comments, suggestions or questions? Contact Aya
Tsuboi<> at Admin office.