An artist will join Kavli IPMU 2017

Jan 04, 2018
Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (Kavli IPMU)

We are happy to announce that a sculptor Kentaro Haruyama will join Kavli IPMU as part of the Kavli IPMU Artist in Residence (AIR) program to work on his new artwork.

His work typically starts by creating objects that constitute an imaginal architecture. He then turns them into a sculpture by carefully arranging them in a space. He has been also making real models of imaginal sculptures.
One of what drives his activities is a question how humans are able to derive a whole picture by just observing a part of it, as well as how some sculptures can trigger such ability.
He has also been making a series of sculptures, made from a prototype object and a photograph pair. This is a representation of the laws which he has been constructing. The manner is similar to implying the color grey by separatly showing black and white.
This will be the basis of this residence program. Through exchanging ideas and sharing his working process with you, he'd like to reflect deeply on how his working approach and his constructing method will be looked at in your context, and try to discover the unique qualities of his future plans.

He'll be working in the visitor room B03 from Jan 15th to Jan 26th, and again for few weeks in February. He welcomes your visits to his space, where he makes his art works. Furthermore, we are planning to organize several events like a welcome party where he'll give a talk about his works, and a workshop where researchers can try to his art process.

This program has a number of purposes. For researchers, the artist's art could be useful for their research activities, or the artist might bring researchers together in a unique way. For the artist, Kavli IPMU's science could indicate a unique manner of seeing the world. By making a new art work in such an environment, the artist could see his activity in a very different context. For the general public, his artwork and other records might indicate his experience at IPMU and through that, they might be able to share the essence or core of the Kavli IPMU's exciting but complicated science in a unique way.

On this march, an art exhibition hosted by Kavli IPMU will be held at Kamata-soko, Tokyo. Kentaro's artwork is scheduled to be exhibited at there, along with the past two Kavli IPMU resident artists.


  • Room B03

Dates & Events

//First Round//

  • Jan 15 (Mon), 6pm Talk about artworks @ Arts Society Party
  • Jan 17 (Wed), OFF
  • Jan 22 (Mon), Workshop
  • Jan 23 (Tue), OFF
  • Jan 24 (Thu), Work Space Visits
  • Jan 26 (Fri), End of 1st round Residency

//Second Round//

  • Feb 5 (Mon), Start of Residency
  • Feb 7 (Wed), OFF
  • Feb 12 (Mon), OFF
  • TBA, Work Space Visit
  • Feb 16 (Fri), End of Residency


  • Mar 9-25, Kamata Soko



Aya Tsuboi
Press officer, Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe
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