Sep 24th, Interruption of Electrical Power Supply in Kashiwa Campus

There will be a power interruption in the Kashiwa Campus due to an inspection of the electric facility.

     Date: September 24th, 2022 (Saturday)
     Time: 9:00 - 18:00
     Area: Kashiwa Campus (except nursery and
 electric car warehouse)
Please note the followings.
  •  Kavli IPMU web site will not be displayed from the evening of September 22nd until September 25th.
  •  Network will stop in IPMU buildings.
  •  Mail service will NOT stop.  (Excluding some mailing list services)
  •  Refrigerators will not work.
  •  Water supply will not work.
  •  Most of servers including calculation servers at Kavli IPMU will stop from 16:00 of Thursday, September 22nd until 10:00 of Monday, September 26th.
    (Because the day before the power maintenance date is a holiday, the shutdown period will be longer than in previous years.) 
  •  Please shutdown your PCs and servers before you leave your office on Thursday, September 22nd.
  •  Kavli IPMU building will be completely CLOSED and LOCKED during the interruption for security reasons.
  •  Please do not leave any valuables in your offices, and make sure to lock up your offices.