WARNING: Please beware of spam mail from fake @ipmu.jp addresses

We've recently received a number of reports from companies and individuals saying they have been sent emails from someone claiming to be from Kavli IPMU.

If you receive any suspicious email(s) from someone claiming to be a member of Kavli IPMU, please take notice of the following, and immediately delete the email.

  1. Do not open any email attachments, as it might contain malware.
  2. Do not click on any links in the email, as these might cause your computer to download malware

If you are unsure about whether an email you have received is malicious or not, please do not forward it to other Kavli IPMU staff or members, but report it to the following organization:
J-CRAT (Cyber Rescue and Advice Team against Targeted Attack of Japan)

[Reporting procedure to J-CRAT]

  1. Send an email to tokusou@ipa.go.jp to receive an email address to which you can make a report.
  2. Report the following:
    - When did you receive the email
    - The sender's email address and the sender name
    - What security software you are using, or other security measures (PC, mail server, web proxy, firewall), and whether they have already alerted you on any suspicious activity.
    - The email title, name of of any attached files, and email body text
    - If you have already opened any attachments or links, describe what happened. NOTE: If you have not done this, do not open the attachment or link
    - Have you noticed any malfunctioning yet?
    - If your computer has been infected, please report your operating system, applications (e.g. Java JRE, Adobe Reader, Flash Player), their respective version(s), and whether you regularly update these.