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Kavli IPMU is founded as an international research institution addressing fundamental questions about the universe. What is the universe made of? How did it begin, and what is its fate? What are the laws that govern it, and why do we exist in it? These are basic questions for all humanity, as reflected in the thoroughly international and interdisciplinary character of Kavli IPMU. It aspires to become a truly world class institution, and more than half of its members are already international. With generous support from the Japanese government, Kavli IPMU has been off to a great start from scratch into a world-class research center with about eighty on-site scientific staff. Many exciting papers have been written by our members through collaborations with excellent visitors from abroad.

However, these supports from the Japanese government, recognized as one of the stable subsidies in the world so far, are influenced strongly by the change of administration and recent Japanese financial situation. So we need to acquire the stable and flexible funds not only to win the severe worldwide talent war, since it is the main key for research achievement, but also to sustain it's stature as an attractive research institute in this world. Without your strong support, the dream to solve the mystery of the universe cannot be achieved. Let’s share this dream together. Your kind contribution is greatly appreciated. Please help our great dream by accessing the site below:

Your help will make a real difference in understanding fundamental questions about the universe.

Kavli IPMU has a Naming Plan to show our gratitude.

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