July 10, Online Event: Science Cafe "Universe"

April 26, 2022
Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (Kavli IPMU)

Enjoy a cup of tea or juice while interacting with scientific experts in our upcoming Science Cafe series.

The Kavli IPMU is proud to announce the beginning of our annual Science Cafe 2021 series "Universe", co-hosted with the Tamarokuto Science Center. This event will be in English.

Interested in testing you knowledge of the latest advances in mathematics and astronomy? We look forward to seeing you there. Pre-registration is required.

Science Cafe 2022 "Universe"

Time & Date: 14:00~15:30, July 10 (Sun), 2022
Venue: Online

"The Dark Side of the Universe: How We Know It's There and How We Might Find It"

Speaker: Joshua Eby (Kavli IPMU Project Researcher)
Recommended age: Junior high school and above (the content is more appropriate for high school students. The event will be in English with no Japanese interpretation)
Seats: 60 (If the number of registrants exceeds the number of seats, participants will be drawn from a lottery)
Admission: Free

Click here to register (Tamarokuto Science Center website). Registrations close on June 27 (Mon)

Most of the matter (greater than 80%) in the universe is dark, meaning that it interacts very weakly with light and therefore cannot be seen directly with our most powerful telescopes. Therefore, we know very little about what kind of particle might make up this so-called dark matter. So how do we know it is really there, and how can we hope to discover its properties?

In this talk, I will describe some of the strongest lines of evidence for the existence of dark matter, and what this can teach us about our galaxy and the universe more broadly. I will introduce several of the most promising candidate particles for explaining the existence of dark matter, and how they differ in experimental predictions.

Along the way, I will describe my own research into dark objects known as boson stars, which can provide new ways of searching for these elusive dark particles in hopes of solving one of the greatest mysteries in physics.

About the Speaker
*Joshua joined Kavli IPMU in 2020. His area of expertise is cosmology.