Open Campus Kashiwa 2022 (Kavli IPMU: Oct 22 - 23)

September 29, 2022
Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (Kavli IPMU)


The University of Tokyo's Kashiwa campus will open to the public for one week starting October 21st (Fri) to the 28th (Fri). This year's online event will feature 14 departments, graduate schools, and research institutes on campus for everyone to explore. Dates and times of activities will vary depending on the department or institute.

  • Date: October 21 (Fri) - 28 (Fri)
  • How to take part: Online (livestream events, recorded videos, Q&A sessions on zoom and online message boards, online exhibitions, and more)
  • For more details, go to the University of Tokyo Open Campus Kashiwa 2022 website



OCT 22, 23: Kavli IPMU Main Events

(all activities this year will be online. No registration is required. Events will be recorded and will be able available to watch online on the day an afterwards until October 28.



Ask a Scientist! Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy

(Difficulty: Junior high school level and above)
Early career researchers at Kavli IPMU will answer your questions on mathematics, physics and astronomy.

Speakers: Naoki Genra (Kavli IPMU Project Researcher, Mathematics), Takafumi Kokubu (Kavli IPMU Project Researcher, Physics), Tomoko Suzuki (Kavli IPMU Project Researcher, Astronomy)

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Open Campus Kashiwa: Special Lecture "What is Gravity"

(Difficulty: Junior high school level and above)
Hirosi Ooguri, Kavli IPMU Director, will give a talk about the mystery of gravity.
Open Campus Kashiwa: Special Lecture is part of this year's Open Campus general program.

//Lecture details
"Gravity is what keeps our feet on the ground. It is nature's most familiar power. It is, however, the key to understanding the universe, and the most mysterious power there exists. In the past few decades, there have been a eye-opening discoveries both in theoretical research and observations that have changed the way we undertand space, time, and gravity. In my lecture, I will introduce the seven wonders of gravity, and about its latest research.


Science Onsen

(Difficulty: High school level and above)
Speakers: Hiraku Nakajima (Kavli IPMU Professor, Mathematics), Koji Maekawa (Artist)
While "science cafes" began in England, we have adapted the concept and present a Japanese-style "science onsen" or "science hot spring". Experts from different fields of expertise hold discussion in a relaxed environment. We invite you to sit down and relax in the conversation with us.

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Welcome to My Secret Underground Lair - Getting Gadolinium Into Super-K

[ Difficulty: Junior high school and above ]
Mark Vagins, Kavli IPMU Professor, will give an easy to understand update on the Super-Kamiokande.

//Lecture details
The Super-Kamiokande detector famously played a central role in the discovery of neutrino oscillations. Now, an exciting new phase of Super-K's long scientific life has just begun. Adding gadolinium to the pure water which fills Super-K is making new discoveries possible, in particular regarding ancient supernova explosions. Come hear about it directly from the idea's inventor, Kavli IPMU Professor Mark Vagins!

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Film screening: Secrets of the Surface: The Mathematical Vision of Maryam Mirzakhani

(Difficulty: Junior high school level and above)
The Fields Medal is often referred to as the Nobel Prize of Mathematics. In 2014, Maryam Mirzakhani became the first Iranian and first woman mathematician to be awarded the Fields Medal. This year, the Kavli IPMU will host an online screening of a documentary film featuring Mirzakhani. The Kavli IPMU assisted in making the Japanese subtitles.

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Kavli IPMU Origami Stars!

(Difficulty: Elementary school level and above)
Make all kinds of stars with Kavli IPMU origami.

What you'll need to prepare:

  • Paper
  • Scissors

* Video streaming for this activity has finished.


OCTOBER 22 to 28

Kavli IPMU 360° Building Tour

(Difficulty: Junior high school level and above)
The Kavli IPMU building has received numerous architectural prizes, including the 2011 Architectural Society Award, and the 2012 BCS Prize. The building is structured so researchers can interact with each other regardless of their area of expertise or nationality. Have a peek inside using our virtual tour.

* This activity has finished.


Elementary Particles/Universe Quiz from Home!

(Difficulty: Junior high school level and above)
Test your knowledge of elementary particles and the Universe. Collect points to win a prize!

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